Guilds project is selected for funding by

Guilds project is selected for funding by consortium to develop a blockchain based solution for trust and reputation management.
The GUILDS project.

The pandemic linked to COVID-19 has forced the world economy to resort to remote work. Often contracts must be concluded remotely, safely and efficiently yet the budget is low to access traditional legal services in case of disputes. A large amount of e-business and freelancing transactions is happening through centralized freelancing job boards, like Fiverr, Upwork and a few other incumbents. Such marketplaces dictate conditions, fees, money-retain policies, and among others reputation.

No matter how vast your expertise is, once you join a platform you restart your profile from scratch, and the reputation is built inside someone else’s land. At any moment your account can be closed or your reputation score reset by a centralized action. This affects not only professional services but international trade and e-commerce as well.

With the rise of blockchains, decentralized Self-Sovereign Identities and smart contracts we envision that no central authority should be in the position to manipulate the reputation inside an ecosystem and reviews should be portable and verifiable. We envision GUILDS as a protocol suite and tools for a transparent, immutable and auditable reputation backed by a solid game theory.

GUILDS focus is on Trust and reputation models on Blockchains.

Blockchain experience

The project Guilds will be developed by Uncommon Digital Srl, an Italian start-up company with the vision of a world where everyone can make business online without barriers and without intermediaries. The company is one year old but the founders have more than 20 years of experience in the software industry and technology.

Our mission is to develop tools and smart legal contracts to protect payments, build trust, manage online reputation and prevent disputes.

As a company, our main achievement is the Uncommon Creative project, a blockchain-based solution to create programmable escrows and manage disputes (Uniscrow). The company has received a grant from the Algorand Foundation to implement such a concept with the Algorand protocol. Our team has developed blockchain solutions for a number of partners and customers. The proponents as individuals have implemented solutions in the field of crypto exchanges, payments, ERC20 and ERC721 tokens, dApps in Ethereum and Algorand.

The company has recently joined two startup incubators (TheNetValue and Abinsula) to access a pool of experts not only in technology but also in law and business strategy.